Bowling is a unique kind of sport. It may seem very easy to watch bowlers throw that ball over the aisle and knock down all those pins – but it is not as simple as that. There is more to it than just throwing the ball down the aisle in bowling. It requires strategy, technique, skills, and patience. You also need time to perfect your moves when bowling.

How to hook a Bowling Ball

When trying to knock down 10 pins, it is important that you are able to create a right to left motion down the lane if you are a right-handed bowler and the other way around for the lefties. Learning how to hook a bowling ball is probably one of the most interesting issues, especially for beginners. This can be best explained by the fact that starters are somewhat overwhelmed by what they see as they first step on the halls of a bowling center. So now, what we are trying to do is to give beginners the hope that they even them can do that amazing technique in pulling off a strike.

The hooking motion starts off as the player releases the ball. Curve balls can really be difficult to learn most, especially for people who haven’t had any background with bowling. First of all, you have to keep in mind that you must choose a lighter ball especially when you are still on the process of learning this technique. The reason for doing so is to actually get a feel of what they call a curve ball or a hook. If you try to look through the shops, they can even provide you with special practice balls for this purpose.

Once you are ready to start this approach, your aim is to bring the ball back into the swing position and maintain the fact that your palm is always behind the ball. Releasing the ball should take place when you reached the bottom of your swing and making it roll off your thumb. In this manner, you are allowing the ball to roll through your fingers and gain more of that curve power. As the bowling rolls down your fingers, your hand motion should be focused on throwing the ball in an upward direction rather than choosing to make it glide on the lane. Thus, you must have a perfect fit ball and make sure that your thumb hole is not too tight or too loose for manipulation.

You must have good and consistent visualization results. It takes a good eye and a positive attitude to pull off this technique. Aiming for your target and concentrating on what you want to happen would definitely make hooking the ball possible.  The most important thing here is to have control and dominion over your thumb and the power you exert to the ball through your fingers. Once you have become more confident with this skill, you may choose to advance and try on the different degrees of the curve. The bowling ball itself is also a determining factor on how well you are able to hook the ball.

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