There is no better feeling than getting a strike in bowling. Unfortunately, it isn’t always easy. However, just like any other skill, a person can easily learn how to bowl a strike. Experienced bowlers know that it takes time and practice to hone the ability to consistently bowl a strike. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to get a strike every time.

How to Bowl a Strike with a Few Easy Tips

The Basics

There are a few fundamental skills that must come together correctly to bowl a strike. Focus, footwork, arm swing, ball release, and correct throwing angle. If anyone of these is off, the chances of getting a strike are diminished. It takes time to develop each of these skills, so don’t expect to be bowling strikes every time right off the bat.


This is pretty straight forward. Proper focus keeps a person relaxed and the arm and body flexible. A rigid swing is a sure way to throw a gutterball. Some people even like to take a few deep breathes to relax before throwing the ball. However, if the ball does end up in the gutter, don’t sweat it. Learning how to bowl strikes regularly takes patience.

Footwork and Arm Swing

It doesn’t matter if a person has mastered the arm swing, release, and ball angle if their footwork is off. It’s near impossible to bowl a strike with bad footwork. Right-handed bowlers should aim their left foot at the front pin, and the first step should be with the right foot. The arm should begin to swing back through the second step. From here momentum takes over. Remember to keep the arm relaxed and flexible throughout the whole swing. Left-handed bowlers should start out opposite with their right foot aimed at the front pin. The left foot should make the first step. Other than that, everything else is the same.

Ball Release

Releasing the bowling ball at the right time is one of the most critical parts of the swing. Releasing too early or too late will likely result in a ball reaching the pins with little power left. The ball should be released at the start of the upward motion of the swing. Even though the ball is released at the beginning of the upward part of the swing, be sure to completely follow through.

Ball Angle

To bowl a strike, a bowler should try to angle their ball into what is called the “pocket.” For right-handed bowlers, the pocket is between the one and three pin. For left-handed people, it’s between the one and two pin. However, it is counterproductive to look down the lane and aim directly for the pocket. Instead, use the arrows in the middle of the lane.

Right-handed bowlers should use the arrow just to the right of the center arrow, and left-handed bowlers should use the arrow just to the left. Stay focused on the arrow all the way through the release and follow-through. Looking down to see the release of the ball can change the position of the shoulders and arm altering the ball’s trajectory.

Practice and More Practice

Its true bowling comes easy for some people. However, don’t expect to be bowling a strike every time immediately. Learning how to bowl a strike consistently takes lots of practice and self-correction. Having a friend coach proper technique, or video recording oneself to study later can help identify any mistakes. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect. There isn’t a fancy trick or gimmick to bowling strikes, just mastery of the basics. Stay focused, concentrate on proper technique, and pretty soon bowling a strike will be easy.

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