If you are new to using bowling wrist support, it can be confusing?  You do have a variety of types to choose from. Each with a benefit and a limitation. So you need to select conservatively and don’t go overboard on your first one. This is experience talking here now. The price range will also surprise you, too. So, don’t buy it unless you are willing to use it, otherwise, it will be another piece of bowling equipment gathering dust in your locker or bag. This is why, start off small and work your way up, or try one out first. The feel is different at first, but the restriction of your wrist movement is what you want. If you do try it, don’t give up on it right away, but practice with it before bowling with teammates or your friends. In this way, you will know what to expect, and how to use it in your Game. Now for some of the different types of bowling wrist support devices available:

Bowling Wrist Support

1. Wrist wrap: This fits around only your wrist for support and doesn’t extend any further up or down your arm. This is for bowlers, only needing a little support.

2. Wrist glove: I call it a wrist glove because your thumb fits into it and it extends just above your wrist. Many bowlers start off with this type, which is pictured on the right and is more reasonably priced. This will give more wrist support and is still small or not bulky.

3. Extended wrist support: Of course, these are my descriptions to visually describe the differences. This wrist support extends further up your arm past your wrist. The main advantage is the stability of your arm and wrist from any bending motion. More bulky, increase price, but a more stable release stroke.

4. Full-length wrist support: Now there are some variations on this one. First, it extends all the way down to the base of your fingers. This has strap support for your fingers, and some have another strap support for the palm of your hand too. bowling wrist support Of course there are two strap supports for your wrist and arm too. The advantage is, you can get more lift by strapping your middle two fingers in at their base. It will also put more stress on your fingers too if that is a problem for you? By using the finger strap, the bowling ball will release quicker, which can be a problem. Now, the one pictured on the right with both finger and palm straps gives you an option, to use the fingers and palm strap, or only use the palm strap. By only using the palm strap, you will have a better grip on the ball for extra lift or hook. So your Game can be adjusted by just changing the use of your hand straps for less and more hook.

5. Rev wrist supports: These wrist supports can be adjusted to wrist angles and pitch for added ball reaction and pocket entry angles, pictured on the right. Usually heavier, more rigid, higher-priced, and harder to use. You really need to work with this wrist support, because it greatly alters your ball’s reaction. Some bowlers have problems getting adjusted, so maybe, try one first before shelling out the cash. They come in a variety of lengths, weights, and adjustments, so be sure you get the one you want. You might be able to get one cheap from a bowler who has given up on using it? So, ask around first, if you want to try one out, or buy one cheap. It worked for me.

Now the bowling wrist support types I mentioned, are my own general category descriptions, they are usually referred to by manufacturer names and titles. But for pointing out their differences, these general categories work. Just remember, if possible, try one out before buying, so you know what to expect. Many times bowlers will dump old wrist support for a newer one, so ask around, you might get lucky. Bowling wrist support is necessary for some bowlers, and aid for others, either way, select the right one for your Game and your wrist will thank you, year after year.

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