For some people, bowling is just a piece of cake. However, to those who haven’t even seen a bowling ball, this game is harder than anything else in this world. But as they always say, there is nothing in this world that cannot be learned. As a matter of fact, no individual is too young or too old to play a really fun sport. Thus, this article aims to provide some helpful tips and techniques that beginners can use as they learn how to play this ageless game.

There are certain things and points that a person learning how to bowl must put into consideration. First is using the right kind of shoes. You need to keep in mind that you have to have a pair of good shoes when you go bowling. There is a specific type of shoes for this sport since the flooring of the bowling alley is quite slick and it is necessary that you get a good grip on it. Another reason is that the bowling alley owners may also be worried that the floors may get scratch if any type of shoes is permitted while playing. Therefore, most of them offer rentals for bowling shoes but it is way better if you can provide your own to aid comfort.
 Bowling Tips for Beginners

Another tip in playing is to make sure that you get hold of a ball you are comfortable with. It has always been a struggle to find whose holes perfectly fit your fingers. However, it is really important that you get the one that fits your fingers best. Bowling balls also come in different sizes and weights. In line with this, it is very important that you are comfortable with the weight of the ball that you are using. Experts and professionals usually prefer heavier balls since they have more momentum and once it is thrown, it increases the chances of knocking down more pins.

The next technique tells you to work hard for your aim. This basically depends on what your dominant hand is. If you are right-handed, your aim must focus slightly to the left of the head pin. On the other hand, lefties must make sure they throw the ball slightly to the right of the head pin. However, one must take seriously throwing the ball slightly since overdoing it will increase the chances of you getting a ‘gutter ball’. There are times when you see people throwing the ball straight towards the headpin. It’s acceptable, but for beginners, you might not be able to get that technique right and you might end up seeing corner pins left on both sides which can reduce chances of knocking down all pins by the second throw.

Lastly, you have to focus on your throw. Before you release the ball into the aisle, there are certain things you have to bear in mind. Do not start your run from absolutely anywhere. Determine your pace and find out exactly which pace you are comfortable with. Figure out how many run-ups it takes for you to be comfortable before throwing the ball. Once figured out, it is time that you release the ball. Make it a habit to bend your back low enough to be able to roll the ball smoothly down the aisle. The goal of throwing the ball is to make it roll and not to make it bounce. Do it slowly but surely.

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Now that you have read some of the tips and techniques in bowling, you are now ready to play bowling and throw your first ball down the aisle. Keep on practicing!

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