If you want a higher score at the bowling alley you need some bowling tips and techniques that will create consistency and result in a higher likelihood of getting a spare or strike along the way. Here are some important bowling tips that will help you improve your score.

Bowling Tips and Techniques

Consistency is the Key

This is one of the most important tips for bowling. When you approach the lane and throw your ball it is important that you remain very consistent. Always use the same steps on your approach and always use the same form when you release the ball. On your first ball in each frame, drop your ball in the same spot every time and throw it at the same angle. This consistency will make it very easy for you to make minor adjustments on those second throws when you need a spare.

Aim For a Spot

The bowling lane offers several ways for you to place your ball and aim at something consistently time after time. The first thing to pay attention to is where you drop the ball. Use the spots near the foul line and set the ball in the same place every time on your opening throw to develop consistency. When it comes to aiming, look at the arrows a few feet down the lane and pick the same one every time. If you follow these bowling tips to consistently drop the ball on the same spot and throw it towards the same arrow, you will develop a very repetitive bowling throw which will improve your score.

The Bowling Ball Matters

The bowling ball that you select makes a big difference. You should choose a ball that is as heavy as it can be while still being comfortable for you to throw. A heavier ball will result in greater pin action and a higher score. When selecting a ball, make sure that your fingertips fit into the holes with a light grip. Finger holes that are too small will make you lose control of your ball. Holes too big will make your throw inconsistent. Different balls will also grip the floor in a different way. One of the good bowling tips and tricks used by great bowlers is to use a ball that grips the floor for the opening throw in each frame and to use a much more slippery ball to pick up spares which makes it easier to pick up a single pin.

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Angle is Important

When it comes to knocking down more pins, one of the best bowling tips for beginners is that the angle that the ball strikes the pins is very important. The best place to strike the pins is just between the head pin and the pin to its left or right, depending on which hand you throw with. A right-handed bowler should strive to hit the “pocket” between the head pin and the pin to its right – the 3 pin. To do that you need an angle. That means it’s a good idea to throw your ball from the right side of the lane and angle it towards that pocket for the maximum pin action and the best chance at a strike. A straight ball that hits the pocket correctly will result in s strike, but a ball that hits the same pocket at this angle will be successful more often.

A Curve Will Help

If you throw a straight ball and are ready to improve your game further it’s time to learn the curve ball. Instead of ending your throw with your thumb pointing towards the ceiling, an effective curve ball can be thrown by simply twisting your hand until your thumb is pointed parallel to the ground. Don’t overdo it or you will struggle to control the curve. If you hit the same pocket near the head pin with a curve ball instead of a straight ball your chances of a strike go up. This is because the curve ball is more likely to continue through the center pin, the 5 pin, and that is imperative for throwing strikes.

Learn to Keep Score

One of the best bowling tips to improve your bowling score is to understand how a bowling score works. Understand that a spare means you get to add the pins knocked down on your next ball twice – once in the spare frame and again in the frame that you knocked down the pins. Know that a strike does the same but for your next two throws. Understanding how the score works is one of the best bowing tips for beginners, since scoring may seem confusing when you first begin.

Keep on Bowling

All of these bowling tips work best when you bowl often enough to stay in practice. Like any sport where consistency and feel is important, many of these tips for bowling will be much easier to work on if you bowl often. Heading to the lanes frequently will improve your feel for the lanes and the ball and improve everything from your footwork to your throw and, ultimately, your score.

To become a better bowler, these bowling tips are sure to help. Follow these bowling tips and techniques to improve your score. Know how to score, use a consistent routine, pick the right ball, play the angles, bowl often, and when you’re ready add the curve. These bowling tips will bring your game to the next level.

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