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Other Common Faults

Even the experts bowl badly at times, but one of the chief differences between the top-score and low-score bowlers is that the former learn to recognize their faults and get rid of them.

Following is a list of the more common faults and what to do about them.

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Improperly facing pins at start.

By this we mean having one shoulder ahead of the other, not standing in an easy, relaxed style or not facing the target you desire to hit. As a result, you do not go up to the foul line in a straight line.

If you are crouched tensely, you will probably finish with a sidearm explosion instead of a smooth, easy delivery.

REMEDY. Take a relaxed, easy position, with your eyes directed straight forward and your shoulders parallel to the foul line. In
your starting position, check yourself to make sure that you are facing directly forward.

First step out of line.

A bad beginning that almost always results in a poor ending. If your first step is out of line, you will proceed toward the foul line
in zigzag fashion, or go toward your target at a bad angle. You may wind up delivering the ball from the center of the alley instead of from the corner where you intended to release it.

REMEDY. Be deliberate on your first step. Make it short and make sure your step is directly toward your target.

Allowing the right shoulder to be pulled back.

The right shoulder may be dropped (as the weight of the ball makes itself felt on the downward swing), but the ball's weight must not be allowed to pull the shoulder back so that you are turned to the right instead of facing the target.

REMEDY. As the ball swings downward and backward past your right leg, make certain that your body and head are directed straight forward, and that the ball is taken straight back. By using the right shoulder as the pivot base for the arm swing, you will not bring the ball back too high.

Not keeping the arm close to the body.

This probably applies more to women than to men. If one allows the ball to swing outward and away from the body during the backswing, it will cause the forward swing to take an outside-in arc, making the bowler deliver either a "backup" ball or an across-the-body ball that is very inaccurate.

REMEDY. Remember to...[Chapter Incomplete]

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