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Bowling Organizations

The tremendous spread of the popularity of bowling in re­cent years is due in large part to the organizational structure that is the sport's backbone. Organizations exist for average bowlers, for junior bowlers, and for professional stars.
You may be interested in joining one or more of these organizations. The benefits they offer are described on the following pages.

Bowling Organizations

The Professional Bowlers Association is looking ahead, possibly to 1972, '82, or even 2002.
Founded only four years ago, we have grown into a nation­wide organization of more than five hundred members. They are all top ranking bowlers from every corner of America, who make their living doing what thirty million Americans do for pleasure.

Our outstanding members, numbered among the advisory staffs of large manufacturers, are gaining still further rec­ognition as outstanding instructors, in addition to their day-to-day appearances at clinics, on television, and in the PBA's growing tournament schedule.

In these few short years, the PBA has grown from a thirty-three member infant organization with under two thousand dollars in its treasury, to a widely-respected organization dedicated to one purpose . . . giving stature and support to an important segment of America's top athletes, the pro­fessional bowlers.

 Frank Clause, a PBA Executive Board member, is typical of the fine bowlers who make up The Professional Bowlers Association.
Long recognized as an outstanding instructor, Frank was able to bring about financial reward to himself, recognition to his fellow PBA members, and public acceptance to pro­fessional bowlers, through his outstanding successes on tele­vision.
Large manufacturers, such as American Machine & Foundry Company, have demonstrated their faith in our organization and, together with every other bowling organiza­tion, we have worked hard to assist...[Chapter Incomplete]

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